CONVENIENT is the first web-based movie scheduling software. Several people on the same production team can log in from any internet-enabled computer, anywhere in the world, and access their project's data and reports. Likewise, it can be updated from any internet-enabled computer.


Easy and intuitive to use. You do not have to go through training sessions or read long manuals just to get your schedule started. Create an account and you'll be setting up your movie's schedule within minutes. Smooth drag-and-drop scheduling.

You don't have to be bothered with downloading and installing new versions of software as we add enhancements. The beauty of internet-based software is that enhancements and fixes are immediate and behind the scenes.


Your reports are password-protected and immediately accessible by your team.


Select which categories (cast, vehicles, props etc.) you want on your breakdown sheet. Specify characters by type (i.e cowboys, astronauts, etc.). Identify your contact list by classes (Actor, Extra, Stuntperson, Vendor, Craft Services, Editor, etc.) and departments. (Camera, Sound, Talent, Hair & Make-Up, etc.).


Current available reports and scheduling tools:

  • Breakdown Sheets
  • Call Sheets
  • Shooting Schedule
  • Cast/Character List
  • Contact List
  • Script Outline
  • Stripboard Scheduling


You can streamline your input of scenes and characters using ANY screenplay in standard format, saved as a final draft file (.fdx) or text file (.txt or .rtf).


Yes, that's right,the Basic account is free. However, a Premium Plan is available, with extra features.

# of Screenplays 1 unlimited
Upload and display contact photos   Yes
Upload and display a company logo that will appear on your reports   Yes
Upload and display storyboard images for scenes   Yes
'' displayed in footer of your reports Yes No
Automatically email reports to cast and crew   Yes
Add multiple authorized users   Yes
Cost FREE $79.00
Not a monthly fee! is ONE-FIFTH the cost of the leading movie schedule software. This introductory price will go up in the future as we add more enhancements. Become a premium member today and enjoy all future enhancements at no increased cost to you, ever.

KNOWLEDGEABLE DEVELOPMENT STAFF is a join venture between production company Balancing Act Pictures and web software firm Creative Lounge. We have made both movies and websites. We know what you need, and how to do it simply.

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